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Alexis Page

Alexis is a Superflower.

A beauty industry veteran, Alexis has spanned product development at leading cosmetic companies and currently works as a freelance creative beauty consultant. We love that she's an advocate for kindness and authenticity!







Beauty industry creative consultant.



“Progress not perfection.”


Your Superpower

Translating feelings into colors.


Morning Ritual

Pilates, coffee, NYTimes, The Daily Podcast.


Values you live by

Be thoughtful, be open, keep your side of the street clean.


Pet peeves

Disorganization, a really loud restaurant, close talkers.


Favorite way to decompress

Clean my house, sit at Tompkins.


A cause you care about

Keeping abortion safe, legal and accessible to women in America.


Dogs make you smile


Favorite Flower

Pink Hanging Heliconia.