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Brooke Ely Danielson

With a passion for health and wellness, we love that Brooke sets the bar high when it comes to being an ambitious runner and well-known brand consultant/writer. 


Brooke is a Superflower.






Brand consultant / plant-based endurance athlete / Wellness Writer.



"One foot in front of the other" and "this too shall pass".


Your Superpower

Running through any amount of pain, and also guiding for my friends at Achilles International.


Morning Ritual

Water, organic espresso with oat milk, 5 minutes of meditation and a great workout.


Values you live by

Tell the truth, set boundaries, love fiercely and tap into your vulnerable side. Being vulnerable is an act of bravery.


Pet peeves

Lying. Lack of manners. Honesty is the best policy, this adheres to dating. No ghosts welcome. We all have feelings, share them.


Fave way to decompress

I love a long run followed by a hot shower and a good book. I do journal as well which helps. Sometimes throwing on a good old movie with a cup of tea or red wine is my go-to. I also can't resist a great facial and massage at O2 Aspen or the Greenwich Hotel.


A cause you care about

Achilles International (I am a guide), the Multiple Myeloma research foundation and Heads together. 


Favorite flower

Peonies, Lily of the Valley, white Freesias, white + green hydrangeas.


Answer the following: "_____ makes you smile”

A good roaring fire in the fireplace coupled with a glass of wine. A sense of humor, couples in love, painting, great music, traveling (I feel most alive when I travel), running, cooking, hiking and skiing!


Words of wisdom

"There is no shortcut to growth. You have to walk in it to get through it."


What empowers you

Guiding for Achilles international, my girlfriends, and kindness.


What words would you use to describe yourself

Ambitious, empathetic, strong, sensitive, adventurous.


How are you navigating COVID-19? What are you doing during this time that you haven’t done previously? 

This has been a scary time for all of us, and triggering for me as I deal with anxiety. I have been cooking a lot of plant-based meals, running, hiking and reading. I just finished "Untamed" and loved it. I am now knee-deep in Michael Pollan's book "How to Change Your Mind". I also draw in my sketch book from time to time. But, I will forever cherish my runs along the rio grande river in Aspen, Co. I like to stop a few miles in and sit on the rocks and watch the water rush down the rocks. It's very calming.


Something about yourself that you’ve never shared with anyone

I am deeply afraid of the dark.