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Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice

Founders of SoulCycle, Entrepreneurs, and Moms. We love that together Elizabeth and Julie created a revolution in the fitness industry and haven't stopped collaborating as a powerhouse team.

Elizabeth & Julie are Superflowers.   

E: 52.
J: 50 (still adjusting to that).
E&J: Entrepreneur.
E: "Happiness is the consequence of personal effort." - Elizabeth Gilbert
J: High Road, Long View.
Your Superpower
E: Being decisive.
J: People.
Morning Ritual
E: Meditation.
J: Coffee.
Values you live by
E: Show up and listen.
J: Make sure the people you love, know how much they matter.
Pet peeves
E: Overtalkers. And I’ve come to realize that I suffer from misophonia (the fear of the sound of people chewing).
J: People who “phone it in".
Fave way to decompress
E: Nature.
J: SoulCycle & Online Shopping.
A cause you care about
E: Getting Trump out of office.
J: The Public Theatre.
Favorite flower
E: Orange Blossom.
J: White Peonies.
Answer the following: "_____ makes you smile”
E: A garden.
J: Spencer.
Words of wisdom
E: "When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
J: Less is More (oh the irony).
How are you navigating COVID-19 at work and in your own life
E: I’m appreciating the pace in a way that I didn't expect.
J: I have given myself permission to work when I feel inspired and daydream the other days. Plus, I’ve become a third grade teacher.
What’s been your biggest takeaway from battling COVID-19
E: It's been a reminder that my mindset doesn't have to be determined by outside circumstances. 
J: You are in charge of creating moments that matter.
Something about yourself that you’ve never shared with anyone?
E: I’m an open book, I share everything.  
J: Sadly, I’m too neurotic to hide much.
1-3 Words to describe Julie
E: Brilliant, funny, a true original.  

1-3 Words to describe Elizabeth 
J: Brave (total baller), All- Knowing, Generous.