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Erika Halweil


Erika is a Superflower.

A dedicated Ashtanga guru, she guides those around her to work through hardships and find peace through mindfulness. We are inspired by her inner strength, and we admire her infectious gratitude for love and life! 






Classical yoga instruction and wellness education.



“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde


Your Superpower

My sense of humor.


Morning ritual

Uddiyana Kriya followed by two large glasses of mineralized, filtered water - the first infused with The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Boost and fresh lemon; the second pure water.


Values you live by

Appreciation/gratitude, compassion, understanding, courage, curiosity and resilience.


Pet peeves

When someone doesn’t give credit for someone else’s idea, inspiration, quotation…


Favorite way to decompress

Infrared sauna.


A cause you care about

The health of our planet.


My children make you smile


Favorite flower

Sweet pea.