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Giada Torri


Giada is a Superflower.

With two beautiful boys, she works tirelessly to make the planet a better place for their generation. Known as an eco-shaker, we love that she's mobilizing and educating people to make a difference! 




Mother, environmental educator, activist, curator & producer.

Small steps repeated, lead to a journey completed.

Your Superpower
Connecting people to create positive change. 

Morning ritual
Reading daily global environmental news. 

Values you live by
Teaching our kids about spirituality, meditation & connecting to life is key. Teaching them to care about our planet & all life within it, is one of the most beautiful gifts that we have given our family. Our topics of conversations are so much deeper, their curiosity sparks incredible conscious questions which we are so proud to answer and research for them. Environmental education should be implemented in every school curriculum from Pre-K through 12.

Pet peeves
When I forget to take my reusable bag or cup before I leave home in the morning!

Fave way to decompress
Deep tissue massage & acupuncture. 

A cause you care about
Spreading environmental education & awareness as an everyday lifestyle.

My two children make you smile

Favorite flower
Peonies & Lily of the Valley.