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Holly Johnson

Mother of three, Holly works as a Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery, but when COVID-19 hit she jumped in to work on the frontlines. Known for her fierce loyalty, we love that she's helping patients adapt to all different needs during these tough times.

Holly is a Superflower.  
Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery.
No challenge, no change. 
Your Superflower
I have two: endless endurance and fierce loyalty. 
Morning Ritual
5:30am wake-up, 5 mile run, and a dark roast coffee as I walk into the hospital.
Values you live by
Always be a mentor and always acknowledge those who blazed the trails you now travel.
Pet Peeves
Those who champion mediocrity.
Fave way to decompress
Sitting in front of my boat cruising around Duxbury Bay with my family.
A cause you care about
Equal pay.  
Favorite Flower 
Answer the following:  "_____ makes you smile” 
Watching my three kids workout in our gym together makes me smile. 
Words of wisdom 
"A real queen fixes another queen's crown without telling her it was crooked." -Robin Arzon
How are you navigating COVID-19 at work and in your own life
At work I'm adapting to any and all medical challenges, modifying my practice to address the biggest needs in New York and for my patients. At home I'm taking advantage of the special time home with my kids and my husband. 
What's been your biggest takeaway from battling COVID-19
Everyone handles change and challenge differently- be respectful of and empathetic to each person's individual reaction and needs.