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Jessica Yellin

Prioritizing helping others digest what’s happening in the world and in politics, we love that Jessica is so dedicated to keeping the public informed. We admire her work ethic, commitment to voting, and that she still honors herself with a meditation each morning. 

Jessica is a Superflower.



Newsfluencer - @JessicaYellin on IG.



I give information, not a panic attack.


Your Superpower

Explaining complicated subjects, simply.


Morning Ritual

Get coffee. Go back to sleep for 10 minutes. Wake up again. Exercise, meditate. Read about COVID.


Values you live by

Be true to yourself.


Pet peeves

People who take up two parking spaces and or rev their car near people who are talking. Do they not notice others or not care?


Fave way to decompress

What’s that? No. Kidding. Meditation and Pop Physique barre class.


A cause you care about



Favorite flower

Night blooming  jasmine. It reminds me of night in LA in the Hollywood Hills. 


Answer the following:  "_____ makes you smile”

Attending a drive by birthday party during quarantine, organized by my friend’s husband.


Words of wisdom

Work hard. And have the courage to ask for what you want.


How are you navigating COVID-19 at work and in your own life

Obsessively reading about it, reporting on it, and wondering if I have it.


What’s been your biggest takeaway from battling COVID-19? 

Do you know something I don’t know?


Something about yourself that you’ve never shared with anyone? 

I would rather eat waffle cones than almost anything else. To be clear: just the cone, no ice cream.