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Margherita Missoni


Margherita is a Superflower.

A true talent with a unique creative vision, she's fearless in her style and the way she lives her life. We love that she sees the world through a different lens!







Designer and mother.



“Why not?”


Your Superpower



Morning Ritual



Values you live by

Keeping it real.


Pet peeves

Fake tidiness.


Favorite way to decompress

A good book or a hot bath with 2kg of cooking salt.


A cause you care about

Orphan Aid Africa. I fell in love with this organization due to my innate sensitivity towards children. When I was 20 I came across OAfrica as it had been funded by a friend of my mum and since then I’ve decide to be loyal to this organization that has been going with me. Small monthly donations allow for long term planning which is a dream situation for a charity.


My two boys make you smile


Favorite flower