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Rana Good

Rana is a Superflower. 

She's a storyteller who speaks 9 languages, and we love that she's on a mission to grow Naïra NYC into the next Refinery29 or GOOP for women of color.






Founder of Naïra NYC, writer, and SEO consultant.



You only regret what you didn't do.


Your Superpower

Languages - I speak 9 and I’m learning two more.


Morning ritual

I drink a glass of lemon water and settle into working from my couch most days. I like peace and quiet in the mornings.


Values you live by

Treat others like you want to be treated. Also put the energy you would like to get from the universe into the universe — be kind, generous and positive and those things will come back to you.


Pet peeves

Small mindedness and social climbers.


Fave way to decompress

I love getting facials, I find them so relaxing and then you walk out with radiant skin. It’s magic!


A cause you care about

I care deeply about diversity and representation, that’s why I created Naïra NYC, an editorial platform for women of color. I would love it if people from all backgrounds could see themselves when they go online, open a magazine or turn on the TV.


Favorite flower

Orchids, I love their perfect shape and the variety of colors they come in.


Answer the following: "_____ makes you smile” 

The beach makes you smile.


Words of wisdom

The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself so make sure that you get to know yourself, especially your likes and dislikes. Also spend a lot of quality time with yourself and don't be in relationships that don't benefit or empower you. 


What empowers you

I love being able to tell interesting stories about women and lift them up both personally and in business.


What words would you use to describe yourself

Straight-forward, adventurous and ambitious.


How are you navigating COVID-19? What are you doing during this time that you haven’t done previously

Travel was a huge factor in my life but due to COVID-19 that’s completely on hold. Now I’m focusing on growing Naïra NYC which I want to grow into the next Refinery29 or GOOP for women of color.


Something about yourself that you’ve never shared with anyone

I love animals and would love to have a farm or sanctuary one day.