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Shelley Barnes


Shelley is a Superflower.


A three-time cancer survivor, she shows courage and fortitude in her ability to be vulnerable and share her story. We are inspired by her strength!







Senior HRIS Analyst by day, artistic aficionado by night.



“And still, I rise.”


Your Superpower

Being able to find the humor and silver lining in almost everything.


Morning Ritual

Prayer, walking my pup, drinking tea, and meditation. 


Values you live by

Every answer you need is inside of you, and being honest can sometimes be hard but it’s best, especially with yourself.


Pet peeves

Hearing people sneeze and people who litter!


Fave way to decompress

Music, candles, and a great conversation.


A cause you care about

Diversity and inclusion - representation matters!


Live music makes you smile


Favorite Flower