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Sailor Brinkley Cook

Sailor is a Superflower.

She’s teaching us it’s OK to talk about body image and anxiety, and is consciously choosing to share positivity with the world. We love that she’s unapologetically herself! 



Model / Photographer.

“Never mind them, keep creating.” 

Your Superpower
My empathy.

Morning Ritual
Stretching, drinking coffee, and going for a run.  

Values you live by
Never take anything for granted, always be mindful, and to love without hesitance or fear.  

Pet peeves
People who are incapable of putting themselves in another person’s shoes.  

Fave way to decompress
Take a destination-less walk with Etta James and Lauryn Hill playing in my headphones.  

A cause you care about
Womens reproduction rights, black lives matter, and climate change.  

Nature makes you smile 

Favorite Flower