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Susan Griffin-Black

Mother, Co-CEO of EO and a naturals and essential oil expert — there’s nothing that Susan Griffin-Black can’t do. A dear friend of the brand and our co-founders, Susan’s loving spirit and hustle is one we connect with on so many levels! 

Susan is a Superflower.






Co-CEO, mamma, queen boss.



Many thanks for everyone and everything.


Your Superpower



Morning Ritual

Meditate, coffee, read.


Values you live by

Kindness, respect, integrity, trust, truth. Everyone is welcome.


Pet peeves

Greed, Hate and Delusion.


Fave way to decompress

Yoga, sunshine, hot water is good medicine: baths.


A cause you care about

Female leadership.


Favorite flower

Lilacs and gardenias.


Answer the following: "_____ makes you smile” 

Marc and Lucy (my kids).


Words of wisdom

Take care of yourselves so you can better take care of others.


How are you navigating COVID-19

It’s a lot like a groundhogs day meets a silent meditation retreat. fresh air, family and friends, reading, movies, yoga, red wine...one day at a time. ♥️