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Alexi Lubomirski


Alexi is a Superflower.

A creative talent of our generation, he is known for his extraordinary photos but most importantly, for making women feel gorgeous and confident. Also known for his humanitarian work, we love that he is using fashion as a platform for change! 






Fashion, photographer, author, and poet.



Love, light, compassion.


Your Superpower

Being calm under pressure, and getting things done.


Morning ritual

5am pilates, 6am Vedic rounding and meditation, 7am wake, clothe and feed kids, school run, then work.


Values you live by

Be a good person and try to make a difference.


Pet peeves

My addiction to chocolate.


Fave way to decompress

Mediation, writing poems, and swimming with sons.


A cause you care about

The amazing humanitarian charity, Concern Worldwide, of which I am an ambassador. Veganism. 


Everything makes you smile


Favorite flower