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Rajni Jaques

Rajni is a Superflower.

A jack of all trades, she has worked around the world in the fashion print industry, is a creative consultant, dabbles in painting and DJing, and is a mother to two beautiful children. A true Girlboss, we love that she continually celebrates diversity and is always striving to do better! 



Fashion Director, Creative Consultant



“Be kind. It’s not hard.”


Your Superpower

Seeing through bullshit with a smile.


Morning ritual

Having complete silence while awake for the first 10 minutes. Then kissing my babies and being thankful.


Values you live by

Authenticity, compassion and curiosity.


Pet peeves

People who are never genuinely happy for someone’s success - especially in their own circle.


Favorite way to decompress

Listening to music (a chill mix I’ve put together) while drinking tea or a glass of wine.


A cause you care about

My children’s wellbeing. Especially in a world where people of color are marginalized.


Diego and Lucienne make you smile


Favorite flower

Dahlia or Marigold - depends on my mood.