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COVID-19 Thoughts, Tools & Updates ūüíõ

Hi Superflower family, 

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented circumstances, forcing us to slow our fast-paced lifestyles, and take a collective breath. We never imagined that we’d be here; our sense of normalcy uprooted. And while the health crisis and loss warrants deep reflection, it's been uplifting to watch individuals and companies step up to help like never before. 

The nurses and frontline workers, grocery store clerks, delivery men and women, homemade masks, the cheers from balconies, the donations, the notes... they all speak to a sentiment of love, unity and resilience. 

We too are wanting to do our part to help! Last week we donated our Everyday Serum to the nurses at Stonybrook Southampton Hospital. Hours of wearing masks and protective facial gear can be extremely stressful for skin, and we were excited to express our gratitude through a small gesture. Going forward, we are committed to donating 10% of all proceeds to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund. 

We’re seeing beauty and positivity during a horrific crisis, and we’re seeking to embrace this moment as an opportunity to refocus our hearts and minds on what really matters. An opportunity to feel deep gratitude for being able to fulfill our most basic needs, and an opportunity to build a community that supports one another mentally and emotionally, through love, kindness, and sharing. The earth has an opportunity to heal itself, and so do we.  

Below is a list of the tools and rituals that have really helped us navigate this time. It becomes easy to put too much pressure on ourselves to maintain a productive, creative process when in reality, we are all discovering new ways to cope and accept. 

Grounding ourselves in the morning is key for both of us. Meditation and positive affirmations help us connect to ourselves and the earth so we can start our work days deeply rooted in our intentions. Olivia starts her day with her own meditation and breath practice, focusing on a personal mantra. Cary is a big fan of Bob Roth’s TM meditation technique. Mama Medicine is another healer, who has great suggestions for morning rituals.

Movement to get our endorphins going and find flow has been another key for us. Olivia is loving Melissa Wood Health and Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society, and Cary is loving long walks and yoga with ashtanga guru, Erika Halweil. 

Cooking healthy meals has been another area of great joy. We’ve been appreciating the simple pleasures in keeping ourselves and loved ones nourished with meals cooked with love. Vees Honey, SimplyySrb and Wellthy Belly share healthy food inspiration.

Gratitude journaling is another wonderful activity. We are learning to be more self-aware of our privileges while still validating our losses. We are thanking those on the frontlines, who are risking their lives and their families so that we might have access to what we need. More than ever, we are appreciative, and making it a priority to bring that to our awareness everyday. 

Sleep. Making a real effort to get a full night of sleep has also helped tremendously.

While social media can feel overwhelming nowadays, we are so fortunate to stay connected, and find strength in shared experiences. Community and friendship has never been more important. In sharing our struggles and victories, our hope is that we remain connected and committed to supporting one another.

With love and gratitude,  
Olivia and Cary  

P.S. We would love to hear about your personal experiences. What's helping you get through the day?