… is clean CBD skincare for Body, Mind + Spirit.

… unleashes the power of CBD to heal and nourish skin. 

… hydrates and soothes, restoring naturally glowing skin. 

… is cruelty-free, natural and safe.

… is easy-to-use for any age at any time.

… believes self-care is self-love.

Founding Story

Hi, we’re Cary Leitzes and Olivia Combemale. 

Partners in Superflower, we span two decades — Olivia in her 20’s and Cary in her 40’s.

With years of experience working with established beauty brands on the marketing side, we took on a project a little over 3 years ago for a fast fashion retailer who wanted to bring a color cosmetics line to life. 

We loved the process, but didn’t love the amount of toxic ingredients going into the products. The learnings of the logistics and supply chain sparked an empowering passion of developing our own product line. Something clean, something we wanted to use every day. Here the deep passion for clean skincare was born. 

At the time, CBD was just starting to pop-up - it was still progressive and the product space lacked effective, clean and sophisticated formulas. The benefits however, seemed promising. Delving into the space, we quickly discovered all CBD is not created equal. We vetted over 20 farms before landing on an oil extract we felt confident third party testing and rubbing on our own faces. 

Taking the extra care on ingredient sourcing, testing and re-testing the formulation; Superflower’s Everyday Serum, was two years in the making.  

We both believe in the importance of prioritizing self-care and fostering self-love. Cary has been meditating for years, and Olivia has had her own health struggles, which sparked a deep attentiveness to healing the mind and body. Cary and Olivia both pay close attention to what they put in and on their body and wanted to create products that you can feel proud of using.

Want to know more? Email us anytime—seriously, anytime.