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What Does Clean Mean?

Clean is a complicated word, especially in a saturated market of “organic”, “clean”, “good for you” products. At Superflower, we pride ourselves on one  really important thing: transparency. That means when we say our products are non-toxic, safe, and naturally-derived, we mean it. Check out our CBD test results here and our Ingredient Glossary here.

Our Commitment To Clean

Our Everyday Serum is 100% naturally derived, and believe us, we spent way too long (and way too much money!) making sure we could claim it. Every ingredient is in there for a reason, and we make it our job (and frankly, our obsession) to create great clean products. We’ve done the work so you can reap the glowing benefits—and feel proud to share your Superflower products with the ones you love.

Our Packaging

We care as much about what you’re putting on your body as we do about what that means for our planet. Our frosted glass bottles come from Italy and are fully recyclable. Our paper cartons are certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative. That means they use forestry best management practices to protect water quality and take care of the environment when sourcing our fiber. At the moment, our pump is plastic, but we’re committed to sourcing a better alternative. If you work in sustainable packaging, please reach out and say hello! ;)